Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Why you will benefit from discovering AWAKENMINT

Hey friends,

If you want to learn better ways of becoming happier, healthier, smarter, a better friend, more service oriented, creative, tidier, and find your purpose in life.. then I promise you that you will benefit from awakenmint!

My "mission statement" in starting this blog is to help others feel AWAKENMINT every single day… that you choose to make a difference in your life and help others grow around you in the process.

First off, let me give you the definition of AWAKENMINT:

Awakenment: Plural for AWAKENING;  (adj.) coming into existence or awareness.
Mint: Any of a family (Labiatae, the mint family) of aromatic plants with a square stem and a 4-lobed ovary which produces four one-seeded nutlets in fruit.
AWAKENMINT: Coming into existence with the four stems of yourself. It means AWAKENING your MIND, BODY, SOUL to SERVE your family (group of close friends or your community around you.)

How awesome it that?

How can YOU use YOUR talents that God has given you to inspire others in your community?
For some, this can be a hard question to answer.. but ultimately, this is how we are going to thrive in our lives the most! Once you've found your purpose... you must use that to help others. That is what I believe I am doing to help those around me right now :)

So, again.. what is my purpose in starting AWAKENMINT?

To help you use certain habits and tools to discover your purpose.

And what are these tools/habits?

Well, you must know that an environmentalist, (a person who considers that environment, as opposed to heredity, has the primary influence on the development of a person or group.) Therefore, you must surround your ENVIRONMENT with these things you wish to grow in. Positive people is deffinately a must! But you also need to surround yourself with your favorite colors, pictures, books, creations, sports, art, anything that you can think of that will help you get in the direction that you want to go.

You may be like me and have many interests. I recommend reading some books on discovering your personality type and directing it towards what you feel would be something you would enjoy. 'What Color is Your Parachute?' is a great book to start. Another book I really enjoy so far is, 'Wellth, How I Learned to Build a Life, Not a Resume.' I recently started a book club in reading this book and am getting together a group of friends to help them discover their purpose in life. That's just one way to be a part of your community and involve people to grow in the direction that they need to go.

So, today is the day that you can make a difference in someone else's life. How are you going to do that?

Here's 5 simple daily habits and tools I try to do every day to feel AWAKENMINT:

**Before anything, start with prayer and gratitude for all you have been given thus far**

1.) Meditation… I recommend downloading the app call HEADSPACE. It's free. It's simple. It's only 10 minutes of meditation a day. I just completed my tenth day of HEADSPACE meditation and I am loving the way I feel already… it just helps you be at peace with all of the crazy thoughts and emotions going on in the mind and body. Learn to love your mind, body, and soul and you will attract more good people and things into your life. Ofcourse, reading a book on meditation is also a good direction if you enjoy reading. Youtube will also have some free meditation steps but I find HEADSPACE to be the easiest, simplest way to remind me to do it. :)

2.) Workout… this is vital to helping others. When you workout, you release oxytocin in the body (basically like taking a happy pill) that makes you more patient, lovable, healthy, creative, intelligent and happy. Do whatever suits you best. It's okay if you go for just a 10 minute walk around the block, just do something to get your body moving everyday. I personally try to workout for at least 30 minutes a day. I try to do weights 3-4 days a week and the other days do HIIT or LIIT cardio. Kayla Itsines is a good app to try… I also do Chalene Johnson's workouts or Autums workouts from teambeachbody.com Let me know if you need help in getting started in any of these as it is a great way to start working out at home if you don't have time to go to the gym.

3.) Dress your best… I'm a firm believer in if you look good, you feel good. The days I don't get ready, I sincerely don't want to talk to people.. I want to isolate myself because I don't love the way I look. When I get ready, I feel like I can give people some version of my best self because I feel that I look good and you will to!

4.) Incorporate good people in your life… If you have any person that is bringing you down, mentally, emotionally, I'd get rid of them or let them know how they are hurting you. I try and only keep people in my life that inspire me to be a better person because I don't have time for negative people in my life and neither do you. People who inspire you to read a good book or listen to a good podcast are your FRIENDS not your enemies.

5.) Serve those around you… Try thinking about how you can help others instead of what YOU will get out of the relationship. I've learned the hard way that when I am selfish and trying to discover what I will benefit out of a relationship usually leads me to disappointment. Yes, there are times when you need to get rid of people like I previously said, but if you can choose to be a stronger person in the relationship then you usually can see that we all desire to feel loved and inspired by others… when we're constantly looking for someone else to inspire us, we're going to be disappointed so be the example of what you want in your life. Be that person who steps up to serve and others will look up to you.

There you have it, 5 simple steps to try today. If you feel better after trying these things, maybe you'll want to make these habits in your life.

~There's also a 6th step in getting motivated every morning… that is, find someone to listen to every day on a podcast, you tube, or through audible to listen to while you're getting ready or driving to work. For me, I enjoy listening to Lewis Howes, Tony Robbins, TED talks and Chalene Johnson to feel inspired everyday. For you, you may bond to someone more in your work field. But by remembering that you are here for a purpose and listening to people that are like-minded will motivate you to take action on things you've been putting off. Reading is IMPERATIVE to growing but listening is a great way to learn while multi-tasking. I hope these recommendations help as I have learned SO much through downloading podcasts and listening to them consistently.

I truly have enjoyed writing these things down.. I know that they will help you and as you incorporate these daily habits into your life, others will want to know what you're doing and start to be enlightened by your energy. We all enjoy connecting and having more energy, right? Then let's start by creating better energy in ourselves.

Enjoy the day…. and may you feel an abundance of AWAKENMINT :)


Anna Adele